Wild West Story

If you have ever questioned what it must have been like to fight for your money and your women in the Wild West Story – well now you can get out thanks to & Wild West Story & an online slot machine game from Coachvip.


Even better, you can win rewards for finding all kinds of items such as cowboy boots, whiskey, cash- bags, horses, saloons and saloon girls, while you can also play great bonus games including Wild Cowboys, Scattered Chip-Stacks, Free Games, a SuperBet and a Gamble Feature.


With just ten lines to play and a minimum stake of only 0.01 coins per line, this is also a slot machine game that can be used by slot machine players of all budgets and experiences which can also be seen on the desktop with Flash support.

The Mystery Island is shrouded in mystery, none more so than why half the island is set in a dark and the other bathed in light at all times. There are also bottomless pits and stone figures strewn across the island, as well as the haunting music that follows your every step – however, the rewards for surviving are well worth the risk!

Hit The Saloon

Just like any cowboy worth the title you will want to hit the saloon as soon as you get into town. You will find the lights swinging in the breeze in this Wild West Story saloon, with saloon sweethearts propping up the bar and card game tournaments just waiting to be played. There are also some excellent animations, and the buttons have all been designed as poker chips to give it that more authentic feel.

Wild Wins

Wins can start the time you hit town, and start with finding cowboy boots, whiskey and car sellers who are worth up to 100 coins. Find the saloon and the cash-bags, and you will win up to 150 coins, while horses are worth up to 200 coins. Just like any ordinary cowboy, you will want to be finding those saloon girls though – and these pay the top paytable prize of up to 1,000 coins.

Bonuses start with the Wild cowboys who appear on reels 3, 4 and five where they can exchange for all the game’s base numbers to produce winning paytable prizes. When a win contains a Wild Cowboy, you will also be awarded five free games in which you can get a random Chip Prize if you get a Scattered Cash-stack Symbol. Further Wild Cowboys can also retrigger free Spins.

The SuperBet can be given when you pick to play extra coins. Play 10 extra coins to have your wild wins increased, or 40 extra coins to have the opportunity to have your wild gains increased by 5.

You can also play all wins on the gamble feature which enables you to double your winnings by predicting whether a playing card
will be red or black, or quadruple your winnings by correctly predicting the suit.