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September 14, 2019
Beating the spaces on the River Slots Sweepstakes
September 14, 2019

real money online casino games in 2019

Internet/Cyber Cafes

Riverslot gambling platform may be a screw  real money online casino games resolution for web and cyber cafes and indulgent retailers that offer their guests wonderful probability to entertain additionally on claim solid prizes. Our web look system is a web platform that provides an entire set of over seventy high quality casino vogue games and powerful management tools. Our resolution permits business house owners to make network of computers put in in internet/betting look or sport bar wherever customers get web access, then get credits to play casino vogue games and an opportunity to win money prizes. Installation is straightforward and takes twenty minutes to setup the complete look and supply players casino vogue games.

Key feauters:

FullHD graphics and sounds emulate 100 percent copy of a real money online casino games true coin machine.Game recovery system for interrupted spins. Players come to an equivalent reels position as before network breakdown.

Low speed web affiliation. Works even on low speed GPRS web affiliation.

Low hardware needs. don’t have to be compelled to purchase overpriced computers.

Multicurrency and multidenomination.

Take-the-game-home feature. Players build deposits and withdraw winnings in your restaurant however

Player rewards:

Cashback feature. Your customers receive up to twenty real money online casino games fifth from the initial deposit if lose.

No-deposit bonuses for player engagement.

Customizable bonus system for player retention.

4-tier progressive embedded jackpot.

Why us:

Multi-channel gambling, that permits players to access games on automaton, iOs, Windows Phone(coming soon) platforms additionally.

Linked gambling content, support for wide space multiplayer and progressive jackpots.

Instant access to new gambling content.

Personalization through the employment of real money online casino games player profiles.

Lower hardware, package and maintenance prices for game terminals, because of their skinny shopper nature.

Real-time observation of game terminal standing and game transactions.

Higher security, since the RNG and game logic can’t be manipulated at individual game terminals.

More management – package, hardware and peripherals are real money online casino games often remotely disabled.

Reduced risk of piracy, since solely the shopper elements of games square measure keep regionally in game terminals.

Online Сasino package

Riverslot offers a full vary of services to begin a brand new on-line gambling business or to enhance your current package.

Our on-line casino platform includes various slot games, differing kinds of poker, blackjack, roulette and lots of alternative games loved by the players. it’s an entire set of helpful selling tools like differing kinds of Jackpots, Bonuses and Loyalty programs, news and events mailing system, players web, etc.

Riverslot offers all the most edges of a totally purposeful on-line casino supported the highest quality software:

Unbelievable supply of 70+ exciting full HD games – an ideal real money online casino games resolution for any on-line casino with fabulous graphics, easy interface and also the most involving gameplay.

Constant change of Riverslot portfolio with new generation games further to your platform with none additional charge.

Use of C++ language for waterproof, Android, Windows and iOS platforms that ends up in development of fantastic games meeting high standards of gambling trade.

Riverslot transfer Client’s integration with the most recent versions of Windows. The versatile resolution that doesn’t need the installation of any supporting framework or real money online casino games programming model.

Integration with most e-wallets and payment process systems.

Great kind of ennobling bonuses for players.

Smooth move to Riverslot platform while not setbacks or loss of existing players just in case of adjusting your current package provider.

Great opportunities for your business because of the access to real money online casino games on-line casino games of anyone United Nations agency has a web affiliation.

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