The Snowman

Winter usually brings its fair share of enchantment and magic to unless natural landscapes. The snow forms a pure and soft environment, to the delight of adults and kids alike and a fair number of Xmas themed video slots have taken hold of this.


Players will also get their share of winter magic in The Snowman, a video slot game featuring the perfect snowy winter landscape. The game is provided with all sorts of special symbols to keep you on the edge of your seat, and also with a substantial following slots jackpot. This winter season will be happy.
To find out more about this cold game, stick about and read our full review of The Snowman.


The Snowman is, unsurprisingly, met in a thick layer of snow that forms an overwhelmingly white environment for the game.

The wheels appear on a large piece of ice, with a happy snowman looking over from the right side. Other details combine a frozen lake and snow-covered trees in the background, but otherwise, the graphics are nothing to yell about.

The overall white and frozen atmosphere of The Snowman remains fun to look at, but the absence of details and imagination might be a problem for some gamblers.

Getting Started

Moving on to the gameplay itself, we observe ourselves meeting some visible defects once again. The different buttons and switches are mostly light blue or white, which makes them practically invisible within the overwhelmingly white backgrounds of the game. Their position is also a bit messy, and while it is a transition from a more rigorous approach where all buttons seem on a straight line or two, it ends up getting the gameplay less available than in other games.

The game controls are mostly located right under the wheels. As by routine, you will be able to change the number of paylines (with a maximum of 30) and the value of their bet by using the corresponding arrow. It is also possible to click the lightly colored numbered tabs that flank the reels on both sides to activate or deactivate paylines. Winning combinations occurring on any enabled payline trigger a cash prize, which is then attached to the credit result automatically.

Hit the Spin button to let the wheels spin loose, or use the Autoplay function to play on a decided number of automated spins, without any breaks.

Frosty Menu

Let’s take a solid look at the paytable of The Snowman and see what the game has in store for us regarding reel numbers.

We start with the classic and now frozen thick card symbols, from 10 to Ace. These first few images do not have a big payout, but will frequently show up on the reels as you play. Keep in mind that combinations can add up for essential cash prizes!

The rest of the paytable is further in line with the quality of the game. You will find a Skis, Sledge, warm Drinks, Mittens, Boots and so on. The Skis and Sledge are the most valuable of all, but they are nothing compared to the individual symbols that we will review in the next section.