Strip Poker

Playing poker always makes for an excellent time, mainly if you are winning the pot. But if you are out for a twist with adult colleagues who are well, pretty, close buddies, play a game of poker anywhere clothes become the money: strip poker.
Whether it’s summer or winter, pile on the garments—it’s like starting a regular poker game with numbers of chips. You will have a lot to waste before things get, ah, interesting.

The Cast of Characters

Before you think about combining strip poker with your evening’s entertainment, make sure you are with other like-minded friends. This is a game for couples, potential lovers or a group/party of like-minded friends who won’t freak out when the costumes come off. This isn’t a game that anyone should feel compelled into playing—it won’t be any fun for that person or the other members, either.
In case, you might want to put the idea on the board before everyone even comes over. This provides everyone an open out if they’re annoyed with it—sorry, they can not make it, other programs that night. This is better than setting until everyone has found then springing it on them when a light will focus on anyone who seems to be a little hesitant or unsure. It can be too easy for other party-goers to place on them a little.
If you don’t pay attention to this part, you might be very sorry in the morning—sensitivity matters.

The Rules

Instead of competing for cash, you play for dresses in strip poker. Alternatively, you could start out playing for money; then members must offer up items of clothing to wait in a hand when they run out of cash or chips. If they lose, the clothes get removed one piece at a time.
Strip poker doesn’t always strictly follow actual poker rules. Sometimes members all get a draw; then they reveal their cards. All the failures have to take off a previously defined item of clothing while the champion gets to put everything on.

Strip poker is more often played with one gambling round, putting more parts of clothing at risk if you want to wait in hand. You can either see that bet, fold it or raise. If a gambler wants to stay in, he must see or raise that bet, just as in standard poker. If you fail, you lose the garments you bet. If you win, you get to keep them on. It’s that simple.

Think of items of clothing as money, and it all makes sense. You can play any variety of poker, although it’s best to keep it to little games with fewer betting rounds, such as five-card draw or one of the five-card draw changes. Everyone is bought five cards, and they can then change one or more of them for an identical number of cards from the remaining deck.

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