Shot the Duck

Stay well still and stalk your prey until you get the perfect shot in this original and potentially gratifying game.
Shot the Duck is a video slot game that will place you in the shoes of a professional hunter. No animals have been injured in the production of this game, but it is apparently in your best case to try and shoot down as many birds as you can hear if you want a possibility to unlock the success.


Learn more about Shot the Duck and all that does this game different in our complete review.


Rifle at the Ready

Duck Shot is chock-full of details and gives players a cartoon-inspired creation that makes it look pleasant and fun.

An action is a charming place close to a look, with the wheels place between tall grass and reeds. Everything looks well still, but you never know when a couple of ducks might show up and fly by. The command buttons are nicely integrated within the green background of the game, just at the bottom of the reels.

Duck Shot is unique visually engaging and speaking enough to leave an impact. Let’s see how we can execute some ducks under in our next section.

Eyes on Your Prey

Shot the Duck is somewhat conservative regarding gameplay, and you will be stuck with a relatively small reel set and relaxed rules for the whole game. There are five paylines and five reels to bet on here, which show where the symbol sequences can turn into cash rewards. The (-) and (+) buttons available in the charge bar will let you pick a coin value and  bet. You can initiate as many paylines as you understand fit before turning the reels; the rest is up to luck, so do not skip to cross your fingers.

The various cash prizes that you can win in Shot the Duck depend on both the beautiful combinations that you score on the reels and the size of your current wager. The more money you bet on the reels, you more you can expect to win in return. The bet max button will help you go all-in on your next spin for more significant risk and perhaps bigger payouts in return. You can also play Shot the Duck in autospin game mode. The reels will then spin on their own for long as you wish, while your bet settings are saved.

Ready for Your First Shot

The paytable of Duck Shot is a relatively short list of first symbols. Let’s go through it hereabouts and see how much cash you can win through the game. The binoculars and satchel are the most familiar symbols of the game. Meriting from 2 to 200 times your line odds, they can constitute an excellent start in the game. Note that all winning combinations in Duck Shot start with two identical symbols aligned. The next figures on the list are the no-duck sign and the hunter, both worth up to 500 times your bet.

The most important symbols of the list are the eggs, duck and game logo. You can win the best prize of x5,000 with 5 of the latter followed up on a payline, which can turn into a lot of credits.