Seven Party

Fruit-themed games are fantastic of the most common amongst players, both online and in land-based online casinos. Those games might look quite comparable, but once in a while one of them holds out and brings something new to the table.
Seven Party Balloon is one of those game. This video slot game machine starts as a classic fruit game but ends up being entirely original and addictive. The excellent graphics representatives and the gameplay has lots of surprises as well. Do not let your first reaction fool you, because Seven Party Balloon is much more than yet different slot machine games with fruit icons.
Read our full review of Seven Party Balloon to find out more about these exciting changes, and how to win fast and big during your game.

A Bright Day for Some Gambling

Seven Party Balloon takes place in a virtual universe that is both simple and quite charming, with more than decent graphics qualities.
The reels are entirely transparent to let you have a bigger view of the country landscape that stretches in the background. A lovely sunrise shines on grassy hills, with only a few clouds in the sky and lots of flowers on the ground. You can even see a mill slowly turning in a corner as well.
Add perky music to the mix, and you will soon realize that Cash Balloons bets on this attractive and bubble conditions to invite players in. As mild as it may sound, the final effect is convincing, and you will want to know further about the game. Let’s charge you in in the next section.

Seven Party

Pop the Balloons and Win Big

Seven Party Balloon follows standard gameplay with a few original elements that are just enough to turn it into a unique and pleasant game.
The symbols are balloons, organized in a 5×3 matrix. The game only features five fixed paylines, which indicates that you will have to bet on all 5 of them at every turn. Use the control bar at the bottom of the screen to adjust your bet before receiving your subsequent spin. Party Balloons that line up on a payline and trigger a win will advance and leave a place for new ones, thus giving you a chance for extra wins at no cost. Note that, contrary to the most game, the symbols flow up, from the bottom of the screen to the top, like balloons bobbing away in the sky.
Each win grants you the chance to play the optional gamble mini-game; guess the color of the hidden card entirely, and your prize will be instantly doubled. The different way to spice up your game is to set up some auto spins and let the computer take the roller for a while. All winnings will be attached to your credit total as you score them.

Fruit-Shaped Balloons

As mentioned before, Seven Party Balloon is a classic fruit-themed slot machine game with fruit-shaped balloons wafting upwards on the screen as you play.
The collection comprises plums, oranges, grapes, cherries, lemons, and watermelons. The paytable is rather short compared to other slot machine games, thus restricting your choices quite a bit when it becomes to scoring winning organizations.
That meaning said, Seven Party Balloon also features a few select symbols that we will review in the next section. Pay close attention, as those can become real game-changers.