Mystery Island

If you have ever liked venturing to a mysterious island in search of untold riches – well now you can thank Mystery Island, an online slot game from Coachvip. Winning payouts revolve around finding mysterious containers and tribal artifacts, while those who remain the mysteries of Mystery Island will be bestowed with brilliant bonus games such
as Stacked Wilds, Wild Flowers, and Free Spins.


The same thing can be said about slot machines. The general idea of gambling is the same, but so much has changed over the time! But some of us still prefer something steady, familiar and…classy. And it is the way we should be. While the new generations of slots take up the lead of the industry, the good old one-armed bandits silently leak out into the present day gambling industry.


And don’t worry about the price of getting to Mystery Island as the authors have made sure it’s easy to players of all levels and bank balances by providing 60 varied ways of staking each spin. You can also enjoy visiting Mystery Island via your favorite mobile device (this is thought by many mobile device users to be one of the best iOS slots and Android slots currently on the market).

The Mystery Island is shrouded in mystery, none more so than why half the island is set in a dark and the other bathed in light at all times. There are also bottomless pits and stone figures strewn across the island, as well as the haunting music that follows your every step – however, the rewards for surviving are well worth the risk!

You might want to tell yourself in with some little stuff, and locating the mysterious letter types that you’ll find almost at every turn is an excellent way to keep your bank balance up. Find 3 to 5 matching symbols, and they’ll win you between 5 and 100 times your stake. When you find the five tribal drums, you will reasonably start to wonder who is still playing the haunting tribal music – but the 350 times the post you will receive will be deserving the fear. There is also lots of tribal jewelry to see which makes you wonder if everyone has just gone on this Mystery Island.

That thought will only be magnified when you spot the trio of new alien-like containers, and you begin to wonder really what it is you’re bringing back? Though the up to 500 rates your stake soon eased those worries. There are also lots of Wild Flowers to pick up and these have the power to change for all the Island’s other symbols, without the Scatter Symbol, to generate the highest possible winning combination. When 3 Scatter Symbols will trigger the Free Spins Bonus through which a Wildflower will stick on the center position throughout the whole of your free spins. 3 Scatter Symbols trigger 10 Free Spins, 4 triggers 20 Free Spins, and 5 triggers 30 Free Spins.