Mr Chicken

Slot Machine – Mr. Chicken is an HTML5 online Casino game. Enjoy this colored slot machine with bonus game and hold reel feature! Some other slot machines take themselves much too earnestly. Mr. Chicken is nothing like this. The music is pleasant, as is the background that shows Mr. Chicken and his friends out on the farm.
The ZIP package includes the game with 1500×640 resolution that sizes to fit modern screen device.

Mr Chicken For You

The game is entirely fit with all most popular mobile devices.
Sounds are DISABLED ON MOBILE DEVICES to evade compatibility problems but can be easily enabled (read Enable Sound section in the readme file). Anyway, we can’t grant full compatibility on all mobile devices if this feature is enabled.
-Sounds can’t be enabled for Windows Phone as this kind of device have unsolvable issues with “audio” and “video” tag.

-More info into help file (see documentation).
-If you want to obtain an application out of this game, we suggest you reskin or at least rebrand it.

Chicken Free Slot Machine

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Chickens, chicks, feathers, eggs, sacks of grain, cooked eggs, chicken legs, and a Bar symbol make up the standard slot machine symbols. These will let you win – but the best logos are undeniably the Wild symbol, which is a view of Mr. Chicken. It substitutes any other symbol in a sweet combo. The bonus mini-game is initiated by hitting three of the smiling Mr. Chicken types – you’ll know it’s him by the right look on his face. Your goal here is to get the egg from the right chicken to win bonus spins.

How to Play

How does Mr. Chicken work? Bet on one to five groups with five to fifty cents a spin. You start out with $100, so you’ll have lots of spins. There’s a handymax bet button, and after an unsuccessful turn, you have the option of holding as several columns as you want for your next spin. They won’t move but the others will. There’s also an Info button: this is the table that shows all payouts.