Love Witch

If you’d like to witness the final girl fight, or you love observing evil witches in action, then you’re going to require to play “Love Witch”, an online slot game. There’s no advantage in this game, just the evil blue magician and the evil red magician in a fight to the death amidst a flurry of spells, voodoo dolls, and potions. The excellent news is you can cash in on the business by winning awards for finding all sorts of themed figures, while there are also some lousy bonus games to play including Scattered Witches, Wild Potions, and a Bonus Round.


Even better, you can watch this match to the death via any Macbook, PC, iPad, smartphone, tablet or iPhone. With posts from as little as 0.01 coins a spin, this is also a fight that doesn’t get box-office rewards – but still gives everyone a front-row seat!

You will soon sense a war is happening between the red witch and the blue witch as their red and blue auras start to battle for the color of the sky. The trees will begin to break in the wind, and the flashes of spells will light up the night.


It’s difficult to know what certain two witches are mixing in their cauldrons, but it’s possible to cash in on it all. Awards start with the playing card drinks, which are designed by A, K, Q and J, and these are meriting between 5 and 100 species when you find 3 to 5 matching symbols. There are even more options to see that are stored in glass vials and these are worth up to 150 coins. Find the witches spell-books, and you’ll win up to 200 coins, while their cauldrons are worth the same. Try not to display the target of their voodoo magic though, and you can bypass it by finding their voodoo dolls which are more worth up to 500 coins. See into their final thoughts when you find their crystal balls and win yourself up to 750 coins in the process, while the top paytable prize is held for the fatal light spell; stop it, and you will win up to a 1,000 coins.

Wild Potions can magically transform other symbols to make winning paytable combinations, while they can also award up to a spellbinding 2,000 coins for five wilds on a line. 3 or more Bonus Numbers will trigger the Bonus Round in which you’ll get the chance to pick cards which can win you up to 900x your Total Bet. 3 Scattered Witches triggers the ultimate Witch Battle in which the witches will try and kill each other with a plethora of spells. If your witch wins, you will be awarded an instant win up to 2,250 coins and up to 30 free spins.