Knights of Karuot

Sometimes you have to ask it how you see it, so if you love magical or fantasy stories, then Knights of Karuot is, without a doubt, the game for you. This game rotates around a knight trying to rescue a damsel in distress, encompassing the traditional fairytale story in the process. In many ideas this a game that emphasizes romance a story hook, which is indeed a rare find in the world of online slots.


Yes, the game does have a good cliché basis and recusing a woman in distress is far from a single theme as games like Van Helsing and Mr. Green Monlight will attest, but you entirely shouldn’t try Knights & Maidens on that fact alone. Delve under the cover, and you will find that this game offers plenty of wheel spinning reasons to play.


Knights of the roundtable

There are different symbols used in this game. These include Merlin the Wizard, the maiden, the knight, fairies, Druid the Hunchback, and a standard spellbook. All of these are high-value symbols in the game. The low-value symbols include the stereotypical A, J, K, and ten icons. The knight is the set symbol, and the wizard is the Wild figure. The Wild symbol doesn’t payout by itself, but it can be used to replace any other logo in the game that you need to complete a winning combination, excluding the scatter and bonus symbols. From a reel symbol perspective, Knights & Maidens deliver plenty of the norm.

Rescue the damsel

At its heart Knights of Karuot is a gothic themed fiction story set in ancient times. Depicting the fight of good against evil, this game is dotted by knights, wizards, dragons, maidens, and other magical creatures. An impressive looking golden border surrounds the reels, while the background of the game is a bright wallpaper featuring an owl, playing cards, and a castle. Animations are used rather effectively in this game too. The soundtrack and graphics combine well together to create an ultimate experience that players of all skill levels will enjoy.

Be a knight in shining armor

You can start betting from just $0.05, with the bet limits rising to a peak of $10. You could get up to 5,000x your first payline bet in this game, with the cooperative game features putting you in an excellent location to grab the reward prize of $50,000. The dragon figure alone holds a payout of 1,000 coins, while the familiar symbol has a payout of 500 coins added to it should you be able to locate five on any activated payline.

Taking off into the sunset

To begin the free spins feature, 3 or more of the knights will have to look on the reels at the same time. If three knights look, you will get ten free spins. You will get 20 free spins if four knights appear, and you will get 30 free spins if five knights appear on the reels at the same time. You can still win free turns when you are playing using the easy spins feature too, enabling you to keep the free-play action in full flow.

For the hand of the fair maiden

The bonus points don’t end with above either, because if at least 3 of the bonus symbols seem on the wheels at the same time, the Cavalier’s Quest Bonus Game will be triggered. In this game, you’ll have to go through 5 different stages to set the maiden free. At each step of the game, you will be prompted to select one item. If you choose an issue with a prize, you will get a reward. However, if you want a question that has the words “Game Over” disappeared behind it the extra game will end, and you will resume regular play. The goal of every player is to successfully free the maiden, as it will earn a big bonus prize.