Golden Bar

Everything that glitters is bound to draw the eyes of players, and the game that we will include here is filled with gold and other valuable items.


Golden Bar is a video slot game that was designed based on a traditional arcade slot machine template. The layout is, therefore, ultra-familiar, the graphics simple and the gameplay available to all. Add some excellent bonuses on top of it all, and several gamblers will gather to see what the game is all about.
To learn more about Golden Bar and how much cash you could win here, browse our full analysis of the game, and you’ll get the real insider’s tips you could hope for.


Gold and Riches

As promised, Golden Bars stick to a retro slot machine look with familiar visual features all over the screen.

The bright red and flashy background supports a broad set of reels and a full paytable, on which you should have an eye at all times. The right bar is the typical colorful array of buttons familiar to many creations.

In a nutshell, Golden Bar has a very comparable look to lots of other games, old and new. Let’s see what it has to offer regarding gameplay next.

Arcade Slot Fun

Playing Golden Bar is as comfortable as following the command bar from left to right. The different buttons are clearly labeled to let players choose their bet settings quite easily.

The game cast is made up of 3 wheels and a maximum of 9 paylines, where symbol sequences can turn into money prizes. Start
with the arrows and pick a coin value before selecting your next bet, from 1 to 5 coins. You can then push on and stimulate as many paylines as you wish before turning the reels and winning your first bet.

The various rewards that you can hope to score in Golden Bar are calculated according to the type of figure combinations that you find and the number of cash you bet on the reels. The further you gamble, the more you can.
A win in return. Try the bet max button if you are willing to go all-in and risk all your credits at once to unlock more massive payouts. Golden Bars also include an autospin game mode, which provides the reels to spin quickly. The bet that you cast will be put into play automatically as a consequence.

Short and Simple

The paytable of Golden Bars contains all the reel symbols that you can find on the reels of the game. The list is not that long, as we will see here.

The most common symbols of the game are a golden bar. They can either look alone or in groups of 2 or 3, but you can score wins by mixing these symbols as well. Gold bar organizations are worth from 2 to 30 coins in total.

Next on the menu are the red 7s. You cannot combine them with any other symbols, and combinations of 3 of them are worth 50 coins. The basic paytable of Golden Bars might be short indeed, but the game has some more elements to offer players.