Fruits And Monkeys

Fruits And Monkeys is a slot game. Including five wheels and nine paylines, the title is an old video slot that should be close to many long-time members, having been around since the days of the Soviet Union. The game includes solid pay-outs, wild symbols, and bonus games. Ensuring a jackpot of 5,000 coins, it’s worth a gander.


Fruits And Monkeys, as the name implies, follows the achievements of a wild-eyed monkey, which tracks rivers of the genetic code to do as monkeys do: namely find bananas and shinny up trees. Fruits And Monkeys symbol is the model of the game and thus its highest-paying symbol. More on the pay-table later, though. For now, let’s consider a look at the visuals.


One would hazard a guess that the statement of Fruits And Monkeys wasn’t eye-watering. The design is on the dull side, with bright colors, directly sketched icons, and somewhat basic animations. The reels appear toward the backdrop of a sort of jungle. Yes, there’s grass, and the odd spike poking out of the side of the screen. What’s more, a monkey seems below the reels, grinning, moving his eyes and flailing a banana. It’s only the most visually stimulating tableaux, but we’ve seen worse games beat the market. Finally, what happens on the wheels is what counts.

Along the rear of the screen, you’ll see all the familiar buttons: you can pick to play one, three, five, seven or nine pay-lines. This is more where you’ll find the Bet, Help, Exit, and Start buttons. Sadly, Fruits And Monkeys does not include an Autoplay function.

In the game, you can stake a maximum/minimum of one coin per line. The minimum coin value is one; the peak is 25. Thus, you bet everywhere between one and 225 credits on each spin of the wheels. To raise the bet on each line, modify the values using the Bet button.

The numbers in Fruits And Monkeys include items you’d find in any tropical forest. There are bananas, pineapples, lions, butterflies, monkeys (naturally), snakes and…er…anvils. OK, you might not notice an anvil in a tropic forest, but it’s by the by, really: we are in a slot game, not a wild forest. The game’s wild figure is the golden skull. It can change for all other symbols (except the monkey) to form winning combinations. It’s also a pretty high-paying figure in its own right. If you hit five of certain on an active pay-line, you’ll maintain 2,000. Four pays Lucky Charms Sweepstakes Casino 500 and three yields a tonne. Five crazy monkey icons, meanwhile, pay 5,000 for five and 1,000 for four. Five lions grants 500, five pineapples 200. The pay-outs fall rather steeply after that.