How to set up the Mobile App Marketing Strategy?
October 12, 2019
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October 12, 2019

How to develop Marketing Strategy for Apps ?

Competitive Marketing Analysis
It’s no secret that the first step in any Marketing Strategy for Apps is to study competitors. You need to find all the applications similar to yours and find out a few things:

How popular are these applications, how many downloads do they have (in order to find out, you can refer to special applications with statistics). This will allow you to understand how much downloads and sales you can count on, build a sales plan, and accordingly, determine whether the application will be profitable.
How do your competitors set up Marketing Strategy for Apps?
At the first stage of Marketing Strategy for Apps you should know what is the pricing of these applications and their in-app purchases so that you can be more profitable to the consumer.
What is the quality of these applications, what functionality they lack, are there errors in them, at what level are the graphics implemented, how do their technical support work, etc., because to enter the market you need to be significantly better than competitors. In the search for information, reviews and self-purchase of this application can help you.
The sales plan is usually always built on the basis of these data (unless, of course, we are talking about a unique development, which has no analogues on the market yet) and takes seasonality into account, since some of the applications are related to the seasons or holidays.

Building a marketing concept
At the second stage of Marketing Strategy for Apps, it is important to understand whether the application will be paid and whether it will offer in-app purchases. This decision depends on your goals. If the application is required solely for advertising a particular product, brand promotion (for example, a collection of culinary tips that advertise cookware of a certain brand), then its main task is to attract as many users as possible, only a completely free application can handle this. If the purpose of the application is to make money on your own, then, of course, you will need to take money from users.

However, most developers today make free applications that first interest their consumers, and after that they offer in-app purchases, for example, for additional functionality, expansion of capabilities. This allows you to attract more users. The third option is to make a profit by advertising inside your completely free application. It’s clear that it’s possible to start advertising only after reaching a certain audience, since the presence of advertising in itself annoys the user and often leads to negative comments on this subject, which is unacceptable at the stage of entering the market. There are, of course, more interesting options, for example, the implementation of unobtrusive advertising of your partners within the application through the implementation of joint promotions. Such methods require the constant presence of a marketer on your project.

Mobile app positioning
The next step in developing the Marketing Strategy for Apps is its correct positioning, the definition of a unique trading offer, as in the Marketing Strategy for Apps of any other product. First of all, it is necessary to decide what task the user is called upon to solve: it can be an interesting game for entertainment, an aggregator of information on a particular narrow topic, a practical solution to a particular user problem, service. Today’s user is very spoiled for with a wide selection of applications, most of which he is already bored with, so your application should really solve an important consumer problem. In any case, the functionality should be better and more convenient than that of competitors. In fact, for applications that have many competitors, the essence of a unique selling proposition is reduced to a laconic formulation of your advantageous differences.

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