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Karbon pilinq | Technique of laser carbon peel

Carbon Laser Peeling (karbon pilinq) or purported Hollywood Peel was initially found in Asia. Due to being the main enemy of maturing treatment in Los Angeles, it is called Hollywood Peel. It is continuously developing in prominence in India in light of its zero personal time and moment results. It doesn’t utilize any brutal, intrusive apparatuses, which implies no dying, antagonistic response or recuperation time making it a most loved technique for Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian before the honorary pathway.

Mechanism of action:

Laser vitality delicately ingests karbon pilinq moisturizer, warming dermis which brings about invigorating the structure up of collagen prompting fixing and more youthful-looking skin and gently removing the top layer of the epidermis. Laser vitality separates shade that is diverted by veins and helping impact is accomplished. It has a bactericidal impact on Propionibacterium acnes and diminishes the size of sebaceous organs so a great reaction is found in skin inflammation inclined patients.


  • Amplified or widened pores
  • Slick and skin inflammation inclined skin
  • The nearness of barely recognizable differences
  • The dull appearance of dyschromia
  • Contra-signs
  • Intense or incessant provocative dermatoses
  • Pregnancy
  • Danger
  • History of keloidal propensity
  • The strategy of Laser Carbon Peel
  • Cleansing: It is finished with a gentle chemical in order to evacuate any oil, soil, and cosmetics and apply eye defensive shield.
  • Carbon Lotion Application: Then a uniform layer of cured karbon pilinq salve is applied over the zone to be dealt with. At that point touch it with a cotton cushion to evacuate overabundance of carbon.
  • Laser Pass: We use Q-exchanged Nd-YAG 1320nm at the greatest fluence average to understanding as it ought not to hurt all through the technique. The laser pass is given without covering. The carbon particles are consumed by laser and leave skin invigorated and conditioned.
  • Dressing: The rest of the karbon pilinq particles, assuming anyplace, ought to be cleaned with micelle arrangement and a layer of nutrient c and hyaluronic corrosive serum is applied trailed by sunscreen.

Post-strategy Instructions

  • Stay away from sun and sauna shower for 7 days
  • Use cream and sunscreen all the time.
  • Look after hydration
  • Symptoms
  • Erythema and transient expanding which might be available for a couple of hours and can be overseen well with cool packs
  • Post provocative hyperpigmentation may likewise happen
  • Laser consume is very uncommon


Much after a solitary session, smooth and even skin are taken note. For perfect outcomes, 5-6 sessions at the interim of 2-3 weeks are prompted for different signs.

In Summation:

Carbon Laser Peel is a laser system that uses a karbon pilinq layer as a photograph enhancer to improve the skin’s brilliance and advances a smooth and shining appearance. This treatment is utilized to target dynamic skin break out as the karbon pilinq powder infiltrates into pores, accordingly enabling the laser to center its vitality all the more adequately. It additionally refines broadened pores to lessen oil emission, expel open comedones and accomplish brightening impacts.

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